Creating a documentary for Levi's

We worked with two iconic brands in the fashion industry to create a documentary showcasing creatives from across the UK. The documentary followed the lives of three people making marks in their home city. The cities featured in the documentary were Glasgow, Newcastle and London – each of which is home to an END. store. The purpose of the film was to ‘celebrate the resilience of youth culture and the common threads which weave creative spirits together’.

We executed a location-based documentary for END. that follows the three characters around iconic places in their city. The docufilm features Trackie McLeod, a visual artist and cultural commentator from Glasgow, Kai Isiah Jamal, a spoken word poet and trans activist from London, and Megan Jepson, a photographer and filmmaker from Newcastle.

This project gave us an opportunity to do what we really love, meet and collaborate with inspiring and talented artists making an impact in the world.


Director: Megan Jepson

DoP: Ben Hale

Gaffer: Connor Griffin

Editor: Megan Jepson

Starring: Kai Isaiah Jamal, Trackie McLeod, Meg Jepson

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